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Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm
Sunday 12pm-8pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed


James Brown’s various heirloom wheats sourdough / cultured olive oil butter 5

Marinated Olives / Castelvetrano, Cerignola and Gaeta / garlic, citrus zest, chili and olive oil 3

Butter lettuce / slowly baked tomato and our house made ranch dressing / soft herbs and shallots 8

Wood oven roasted cauliflower / cashew yogurt / Moorish spices / torn herbs 8

Beets Arrosto / roasted red and gold beets / arugula / our stracciatella / blood orange vinaigrette 8


SALUMI available $5 per style:

Nostrano from August, 2015 / “our” style with black pepper and salt

Lonza from August, 2015 / loin muscle with black pepper and a little garlic and bay leaf

Alto from January, 2016 / a younger salumi seasoned with juniper and bay leaf

Finocchiona from November 2015 / dried orange and fennel seed

Coppa from November 2015 / shoulder cured with bay leaf and juniper




We craft all salumi onsite using wild boar from the Hapgood Ranch in Clay County, Texas. These wild pigs are trapped, fed out and tamed and taken to a USDA inspected butcher where they are processed for Sorellina. We cure, marinate and age all salumi on site in a very traditional Italian manner. We spend a great deal of time bringing such a lost skill to your plate, we hope you enjoy as much as we do.



All our pizza dough is made at Sorellina using a combination of freshly milled re wheat from Central Texas, rye and Italian pizza flour from Napoli, Italy. The dough, using a sourdough mother we borrowed from a friend in NYC, is 10 years old. Every morning we mix, cut and shape the dough allowing it to rest and ferment for three days before we top it and bake it in our custom wood fired oven. The listed ingredients are the very best we can get our hands on, and we have done as little as possible to them to make a very simple, delicious pizza. 


Margherita / Italian tomato / yesterday’s mozzarella / thai basil 13

Bianco / garlic oil and smoked ricotta / yesterday’s mozzarella / pecorino and lots of black pepper / 14

Verde / pea and walnut pesto / arrowleaf spinach / ricotta salata and lemon 12

Classic Cheese / provolone and mozzarella 11

Kids pizza / cheese or pepperoni 8


Toppings available:


our mozzarella or stracciatella (3) / smoked ricotta (2) / Provolone (2) / Parmigiano Reggiano (1) /


garlic roasted oyster mushrooms (3) / roasted sweet red peppers (1) / roasted arrowleaf spinach (2) / ember roasted eggplant (2) / castelvetrano green olives or cerignola black olives (1) / ember roasted onion (1) / / Calabrian chili (1) / oven roasted garlic (1) /


pepperoni (3) / speck ham (3) / smoked pork jowl bacon (3) / “Finocchiona” sausage (3) / “nduja” sausage (3) / TerraPurezza egg (3) / white anchovy (2) /


*Gluten Free Crust (4.25)

signature pizzas

N’duja sausage / Calabrian chili / cherry tomato / various salumi / stracciatella cheese 18

Roasted fennel / ember roasted fennel sauce / pancetta and fennel – apple mostarda 17

Oyster mushroom / fermented and dried shitake – taleggio cream / garlic roasted oyster mushroom and speck ham / fried rosemary 17

Fall Squash / Butterkin squash / duck confit / pickled mustards / arugula, herb salad 17








Stellina de Notte Prosecco $7

11 Minutes Pasqua Rose $8

La Vis Pinot Grigio $7

Coppo Costebianche Chardonnay $8



Allegrini Valpolicella $8

Palagetto Chianti Colli Senesi $8

Frescobaldi Remole Toscana $8

Squadra Rosso $7


Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Colle Vecchio Offida Pecorino $60

Angelo Negro Arneis $39

Nicolis Seccal Valpolicella Classico Ripasso $44

Angelo Negro Pracchioso Nebbiolo $60



Real Ale Han’s Pilsner $6

Bell’s Oberon Wheat $6

512 Bruin Ale $6

Suds Monkey IPA $6

512 Pecan Porter (Nitro) $7



Real Ale Han’s Pilsner $23

Bell’s Oberon Wheat $23

512 Bruin Ale $23

Suds Monkey IPA $23                                                          


BEER & draft cocktails


Shiner Bock $4
Miller Lite $4
Dos XX $4
Bell’s Oarsman Tart Wheat Ale $5


draft cocktails*

Bee, Please!

Vodka, Aperol, Lime, grapefruit, lychee $9



Name *

PHONE (main): 737.222.6061
To Go Orders: 737.222.6010



23526 HWY 71 West
'Building B'
Spicewood, Texas 78669


our story

OUR Story

At its simplest level, Pizzeria Sorellina, is a pizza restaurant designed to offer casual, inviting, family-driven food for the communities surrounding Lake Travis.

A balance to its sister restaurant, Apis Restaurant and Apiary, Sorellina is boisterous, with open spaces and large communal tables. It is a restaurant for new and old friends, large groups and small families, and the solo patron just looking for a cold beer and hot pizza.

On the surface we specialize in traditional Italian pizza, customizable and baked to order, as well as simple salads and small plates.

On a deeper level we focus on milling our own grains, shaping and stretching our own cheeses, cultivating and processing, curing and aging all of our own wild boar salumi onsite.  

Our pizza is a made with sourdough crust utilizing a 10-year old starter culture and a mixture of house milled red wheat, rye, and traditional Italian pizza flours. The dough has no added yeast and takes 2-3 days to develop into the pizza it becomes when it meets our custom wood fired oven. 

our team

Taylor Hall | Michael St. Germain | Jose Luis Sapien

After a successful opening of Apis and all the press that followed, the Apis team began pursing new restaurant concepts in Austin, only to realize the best space available to grow was right under their eyes on the Apis campus in Spicewood. Taylor Hall’s lifelong dream of Apis and the mentality of its hive, so to speak, is taking the next step with Sorellina.

When we set out, Apis was to be an elegant but approachable dining experience in our community, but with our first-rate staff and the feedback we got from our diners and press, it quickly became clear that Apis was a special place. With Sorellina Pizzeria, we want to offer something complementary to the special occasion restaurant that Apis has become and create a very casual space with an open a honest look at food. Food that we really like to eat and share with our families. That’s why we chose pizza.”

Rounding out the core team are general manager Jose Luis Sapien and Michael St. Germain. Jose has a background in fine dining operations and cocktail artistry. Mike runs daily kitchen operations at Sorellina.