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At its simplest level, Pizzeria Sorellina is a pizza restaurant designed to offer casual, inviting, family-driven food for the communities surrounding Lake Travis.

A balance to its sister restaurant, Apis Restaurant and Apiary, Sorellina is boisterous, with open spaces and large communal tables. It is a restaurant for new and old friends, large groups and small families, and the solo patron just looking for a cold beer and hot pizza.

On the surface, we specialize in traditional Italian pizza, customizable and baked to order, as well as simple salads and small plates. On a deeper level, we focus on milling our own grains, shaping and stretching our own cheeses, cultivating and processing, curing, and aging all of our own wild boar salumi onsite.

Our pizza is made with sourdough crust utilizing a 10-year old starter culture and a mixture of house milled red wheat, rye, and traditional Italian pizza flours. The dough has no added yeast and takes 2-3 days to develop into the pizza it becomes when it meets our custom wood-fired oven.


Taylor Hall

After a successful opening of Apis and all the press that followed, the Apis team began pursuing new restaurant concepts in Austin, only to realize the best space available to grow was right under their eyes on the Apis campus in Spicewood. Taylor Hall’s lifelong dream of Apis and the mentality of its hive, so to speak, is taking the next step with Sorellina.